Holomua Elementary School

As a Space explorer, I will explain my 25th Mission Patch WriteUp and “How I Inspired Others.” I created my symbols because first is the Rocket Ship, an how others represent their own journey toward accomplishing their goals. The Rocket Ship also tells me that you can Explore and Dream Big to achieve your goals. The Shooting Star represents “Good Luck” because it is used to express wishes for success. They can also be a symbol of reaching one’s ultimate destiny. The Astronaut will inspire others to continue to work towards their goals. Just like how the Astronaut flies very high, you should reach for the sky! Go for it! You should always reach for the sky to achieve your dreams and goals. And if you reach for the sky, you are ambitious and try hard to achieve something very difficult.

Then I included certain colors like Yellow, Red, Orange, and Blue because they have different meanings. Yellow represents the “Shooting Star” because Yellow shines with happiness and positivity. But Yellow also tells me that my team should be positive when we do our mission because if we really want to accomplish our mission, then we should be positive! Red and Orange represents the fire from the “Rocket Ship,” this means to me that it is how you are very courageous to face hard challenges, like how my team and I will face hard challenges when we do our mission. Blue tells me that my team and I should work together and respect at each other, because the most important things that my team should do to complete our mission is to communicate and respect each other.

Then I started thinking the shape from my patch. The shape that I came up with for my patch is Circle because for me Circle shows “TEAMWORK.” T for together, E for everyone, A for accomplishes, M for more, W for with, O for organization, R for responsibility, and K for knowledge. But a Teamwork is also important, that it’s the only way anything gets accomplished with any quality.