Fort Shafter Elementary

I’m Maleah Caesar from Major General William R. Fort Shafter Elementary. I am in sixth grade. For the Challenger Mission Center Hawaii Drawing Contest, I drew a comet in space with an ombre tail and glowing stars around it. Around the comet, it is gray to show that the brightness of the comet is reflecting on the darkness of the area it is in. The stars are there to put designs in the artwork. The black is there to represent the darkness of space. The comet’s tail colored in an ombre to make it look pretty and stylish. This entire artwork was done with colored pencils and a sharpie. The sharpie was used to write the words on the artwork. The colored pencils was used to color everything. The mission of Challenger Center Hawaii is to make sure that on mission day students are overarching their goal. Their goal is to complete all the tasks and meet the primary objective. This will be expected to be done without any mission-compromising mistakes. The reason I drew this picture goes along with the mission of Challenger Center Hawaii. The reason I drew this is to show that students should always achieve their goals and keep reaching out and trying until they get to where they want to be. For example, my drawing shows a comet flying in space. This comet is probably trying to get out of space and go towards Earth. This comet is not going to let anything get in its way of achieving its goal. If this comet can do it, so can the students on their mission day. That is what I drew and why I drew this picture. I worked very hard on this artwork. I really hope I get in the top three in this drawing contest. Mahalo!