STEM: Application to Reality – Challenger Center Hawaii

Brent Suyama, Video Production Manger, DOE Communications and Community Affairs Office has completed a documentary for us. He did an awesome job capturing our history and the overall experience that begins with the classroom teacher.

Brent was blown away by our program and has filmed Joy Otsuka’s Kapolei Middle School’s 6th graders. The interviews with her students and the challenges they faced, the lessons they learned and the joy of learning spoke volumes about the STEM experience. Brent captured them conducting the preflight lessons, participating in the mission and the debriefing session at school.

The documentary does a great job in showing that Challenger Center Hawaii is not limited to STEM but we’re a program the allows all students to participate, thrive and gain insights about themselves. We began as an “impossible” dream, created partnerships to build our center and we’ve become an incredible experience for teachers and students. Mahalo, Brent, for sharing our story, the legacy we continue and the educational impact we’ve made in our 25 years of existence!!