Holomua Elementary School

Aspire to inspire!
As a space explorer I created my Mission Patch symbols because of many reasons. First, the shooting star is an example of how you have to reach for the stars and especially to follow your dreams! Moving forward, the students or children on the moon explains how they aspire to be an astronaut. Just how the astronaut is on the moon getting ready to leave and go on to his next mission, the children are reminded of their goals and accomplishments. After thinking of my symbols I had to figure out a shape, a shape that means something. I finally chose a circle because in that circle we all are inspiring and working together as a team coming full circle as one.

On my Mission Patch, I also picked colors that stood out to me the most. For my background, I decided to go with BLUE because to me I feel that blue means to always trust your team members, even if it means someone may agree or disagree with one another. Moving on to the next color that I chose, it was for my shooting star and I chose the colors RED, YELLOW, and ORANGE, and for the star I made it white. I picked these colors because red, tells me that you always need to love and encourage your teammates and to go beyond their limits. Furthermore, yellow reminds me to have happiness and to have fun with your teammates, and lastly orange represents to have calmness with one another. For example, if you are running out of time on your mission, I would say to stay calm and have a positive attitude. Lastly, the star is white because to me it means to have peace between your team members, even though you don’t get along well you guys should have peace and always show respect for one another. As we go into the mission, fail or pass we will always remember to push each other and to inspire others to do our best! In closing, I would like to say that the overall goal or message was to inspire others who aspire to obtain their dreams to work hard and never give up. Aspire to Inspire others and we can make this world a better place.