"In a bigger scope, [being in space] has really changed my perspective about the planet. It's a pretty unique place that we live. I'm sure you've heard before there really are no borders from space - you can't see borders between countries, and you have an interesting time thinking how could anybody on this planet be fighting with each other because we're all on the same beautiful place." Sunita Williams, January 30, 2013

"I would like you to think of who you are, set your goals very clearly, and strive for them. I made a lot of mistakes; I've failed in a lot of exams, but even if you make a mistake, you'll learn from the mistake. Then if you never give up, your dream will come true." Koichi Wakata, January 27, 2015

"Whatever dream it is,
these are the four steps to success

This is the essence of what Ellison Onizuka shared with everyone:

1. We have to be good people.

That's something we completely have control over - how we treat each other, and how honest we are, how much our personal integrity is. It matters. It really does.

2. Study Hard!

The more you know, the more opportunity you have to do fun things.

3. Dream Big!
Ellison really was into this. You know, you're only limited by what your imagination is, so might as well dream big. Don't sell yourself short. The things that we're doing today were just imaginary things, dreams from the people int he past.

4. Never Give Up!
Along the way, the people that have been the most successful are the people that have failed the most sometimes." Michael Fincke, February 2, 2016