Rendezvous with Comet Halley

Mission: Rendezvous with Comet Halley

Comet HalleyThe year is 2061 A.D. Comet Halley, which orbits the Sun approximately once every 76 years, is once again in the portion of its orbit that brings it through the interior of our Solar System. As it passes near Earth and Mars, we are given the opportunity to study the comet from an Earth-orbiting Space Station. By observing the white dust tail (particles released from the comet) and the blue ion tail (radiation from the sun reacting with particles from the comet), we can learn more about the Sun and its effect on space weather.

Student astronauts enter an airlock which transports them to Space Station (SS) Campbell while student mission controllers enter Weinberg Mission Control on Earth.

Astronauts gather data, conduct experiments, and guide SS Campbell to its destination. Mission controllers monitor the work of the SS crewmembers, record and analyze data, and ensure all conditions are safe. Throughout the mission, the mission controllers update the astronauts on their findings, trouble-shoot, and provide solutions to emergency situations.

The Comet Halley Mission will be executed successfully if the following conditions exist:

  • The teams determine the exact position and coordinates for probe launch.
  • The probe is successfully constructed and is functioning properly.
  • All on-board emergencies are resolved.
  • Sufficient fuel and time is available for launch and the return to Earth.